Creative Foraging Systems Foraging Wheel, 6-Inch Diameter


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This foraging toy is welcomed by most pet parrots, it provides a challenging, fun way to acquire food. When pet parrots spend time foraging they have less time available for undesirable behaviors such as excessive screeching or feather destructive behavior, Fill Chambers With Various Food Items.


  • Suggested for Larger Conures, Caciques Amazon Parrots, small Cockatoos and Mini Macaws
  • Birds can see the items in each chamber of the wheel and have the opportunity to make their own selection
  • Avian veterinarians recommend daily food foraging to significantly reduce boredom
  • By observing your parrot you will quickly see that birds really prefer “working” to obtain their food
  • Durable long lasting polycarbonate is easy to clean and maintain Simple installation


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